1-hr Tuesday class in Oakland at Redwood Heights Recreation Center

Join Cynthia Eaton's 1-hour Dayan Qigong class on Tuesday afternoons at the Redwood Heights Recreation Center, in Oakland.

This weekly, mixed–level class runs from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. It is targeted for students who have varying degrees of experience with the First Set (64 movement) Wild Goose Qigong form. It is also a great way for new students to get their feet wet learning about the joys of slow-movement, mind-body exercise. 

Rates are $10 per class if pre-paying 4 classes at a time. Drop-in rates are $15 per class. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to register before class. For questions email DYQG info@gmail.com, or call (510) 501-4323.

This tranquil hillside facility is located where Redwood Road and Hwy 13 intersect.

Address: 3883 Aliso Ave, Oakland, CA 94619.

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