3 Stone Hearth: Great Resource from Kirstin Lindquist, LAc, at Energy Matters


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Modern living is a lot about being busy, overworked and over-committed. So, making the transition from eating out or eating already prepared meals to cooking your own food means changing habits and learning new skills. 

While you are on that path, however, there is an amazing resource in the East Bay that if don’t already know about, you need to: Three Stone Hearth

Three Stone Hearth is dedicated to providing nutrient-dense food available in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model. How it works: they post a weekly menu. You go online and place your order. They cook, you pick up up at their store on University Ave in Berkeley during pick up hours, or arrange for home delivery. Nutrient dense, organic, locally sourced ingredients - and someone else did the cooking. 

Plus, they are a great source for traditional superfoods: bone broth, cultured foods and beverages, soaked and “activated” grains and nuts, and much more.

Based on the teachings of Weston A. Price and the Wise Traditions Diet (shorthand: the way your ancestors who lived before food became industrialized used to eat, with a modern flare), you can rest assured that everything you buy from Three Stone Hearth will promote health and wellbeing. Reclaim homemade food!