"Finding Kukan," Award-wining Documentary on tour this month. Don't miss it!

If you have not already seen this documentary, don't miss this opportunity to meet filmmaker Robin Lung in person at any of these "Finding Kukan" local screenings. This award-winning documentary will be shown on the west coast in Bend, OR (3/15), and San Pedro, CA (at the LA Harbor International Film Festival (LAHIFF) on 3/18), and in the SF Bay Area, at three separate venues this month:

  • Thursday, March 22, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM PDT, Chinese Culture Center (CCC) screening, in partnership with the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) San Francisco Lodge and the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM).

Help spread the word that filmmaker Robin Lung will be visiting from Hawaii and will therefore be available for Questions and Answers after each screening. In some cases she will also be joined by creative collaborator Larry Reed, Artistic Director of Bay Area’s ShadowLight Productions.

About the film:

Filmmaker Robin Lung investigates the case of Li Ling-Ai, the un-credited female producer of KUKAN, a landmark color film that revealed atrocities in World War II China to audiences around the world. KUKAN has the rare honor of being the first ever American feature documentary to receive an Academy Award® in 1942.

Lost for decades, Lung discovers a badly damaged film print of KUKAN, and pieces together the untold, inspirational tale of the two renegades behind the making of it – Chinese American playwright Li Ling-Ai and cameraman Rey Scott.

Through a dynamic mix of verite, archival, and re-enactment footage, Finding KUKAN creates an unforgettable portrait of a female filmmaking pioneer, and sheds light on the long history of racial and gender discrimination behind the camera, which continues to reverberate in Hollywood today.

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