Health Tips: Eyes as Spirit Windows

On 11/11/17, Grandmaster Liu held the final “Slow Qigong” class in a series of four. She shared her thoughts on many topics, including the importance of the eyes. As the “Spirit Window”, every meridian and organ supports the eyes. Where the eyes look, so goes the qi, which is why we pay attention to what the eyes are doing when we practice the form. During warm-ups and the form, we often hold our eyes at horizon level, but “looking at nothing.” This allows the qi in the environment to come to us through the eyes. As an illustration, Grandmaster Liu stated that instead of you looking at the flower, “let the flower look at you.”

To help maintain the health of the eyes and maintain good vision, Grandmaster Liu gave instructions for an exercise that should be performed every morning. Just as you are waking up, but before you open your eyes, roll the eyes in a circle 10 times, then tightly squeeze the eyes shut. Repeat, circling 10 times in the other direction, squeeze tightly, then open the eyes quickly. Grandmaster Liu stated she practices this daily, and even now in her 80’s, she does not need glasses!

Finally, she reminded us to keep our Yongquan and Kidneys warm, and always think about the Lower Dantian. Think about it when you are sitting, walking, working, driving… Above all, give it lots of attention. Stock up on that Lower Dantian qi by massaging it at least 100 times/day (it doesn’t take long – 50 circles in each direction.) A commonality for the “Closes,” both new and old, is slowing down or stopping for at least 9 seconds at Lower Dantian. Other important Points of Interest (hahaha - pun intended!) for longevity include Yongquan and Zusanli, which should be massaged at least 50 times each day. Finally, Grandmaster Liu recommends we change hand positions when we “Restore Qi” by shaking/vibrating our internal organs, so that we give more attention to our livers. With the stressors we experience in our lives today, she believes we all need to give extra qi to our livers.

At the end of the class, Grandmaster Liu taught a new meditation, recommended for advanced students and teachers. After beginning meditation in the usual way, the meditation then includes an awareness of two parallel lines of flow from Baihui along the Ren and also the Du Meridians.

Many thanks to Judy Gillespe for submitting this article.

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