Interesting Changes at Kaiser San Leandro & Fremont

2018 is bringing changes and a slightly new focus for qigong classes offered at Kaiser Permanente, San Leandro and Fremont campuses.

A new, stand-alone introductory class is being developed that will provide new students with an opportunity to learn about Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) wellness options. It will also provide an opportunity for returning students to take a deeper look at basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine that underpin the practice of Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong.

The new class model promises to be a fun, interesting, and interactive experience for one and all, including returning students who will have an opportunity to practice the entire 1st Set towards the end of each class period.This is a perfect opportunity to clarify your immediate and long-range welless goals and create your own roadmap for achieving them.

"Stay tuned," and check this section of the website to find more details, and when these exciting new classes will begin. And also look for information about a new series of 1st Set classes that will be starting soon in San Leandro, at The Neighborhood Center, at All Saints Church.

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