Whispers...from Dr. Alex Feng at Zhi Dao Guan, in the Laurel District of Oakland

WHISPERS . . .   from Dr. Alex Feng

My father started his doctoral study in Germany in the late 1930s with international law as his major subject. The second world war broke out soon after that time  and he realized that documentation and agreements made between countries had no real validity.  Laws have biases and are created by the powers that be.  He changed his major to philosophy.  

The Daoist culture sees words as an insufficient instrument to express realities.  Words are expressions of ideas and can never fully encompass the true value and meanings of anything.  Poetry gets closest to achieving a sense of description.  

A student asked me once, What is justice?"   I reply: "There is no such thing."  Justice, fairness, laws and regulations are created by people.  Historical time frames and social circumstances dictate the laws and regulations for that time period.  So much emphasis is placed in the value of these doctrines.  Often these creations of rules serves only a small group of people.

We do need some sense of order and cohesiveness, but don't get stuck on them.  Our "belief system" guides us to actions that are "justifiable".  Keep an open mind of the justification or rationale of our actions.  Right or wrong often has nothing to do with anything.  People's convictions often lead to cruelties and distraction.  Of course it can also lead to wonderfulness.

Cultivation of "Self", seemingly a narcissistic act, brings one to the realization of ones's own being -ness.  Being and becoming are the focus.  Hopefully it brings harmony and peace.   A sense that I am connected to all and, with that understanding, a respect and management that bring health to humanity.

Come study the Dao with Dr. Alex Feng on the last Friday of every month, at Zhi Dao Guan, 7:00 PM, in the Laurel District: 2824 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619,  (510) 336-0129.


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