WWS News... Winter-break & New Classes

Wen Wu School will be closed from 12/22/17 through 01/01/18.

  • New 9-week 1st Set Dayan Qigong classes (Tues 7 PM, Sun 8 AM, Sun 10:15 AM, or Mon 4:30 PM) will start when WWS reopens on 01/02/18 ???.  
  • New 20-week 2nd set Dayan Qigong classes begin 2/01/18 ???.
  • New Pai Da Gong classes will also be starting soon. These classes will be of benefit to both beginners with no prior qigong experience at all, as well as those with a lot of experience. Pai Da Gong is a short third set of Dayan Qigong that uses minimal energy with maximum results. Pai Da Gong enhances the qi flow when practiced after 1st and 2nd sets.

Surprise follows culmination of "Slow Qigong" workshops

On 11/11/17, Grandmaster Hui Lui held the final “Slow Qigong” class in a series of four. Following the workshop Shimu was greeted by about 40 teahers and family members for a lovely Surprise Birthday dinner at Noodles Fresh. The food was delicious, as usual, and Tom Savell and Nora Adachi each played a special set of songs for Shimu. 


Upcoming in 2018

Teachers interested in giving an advanced workshop for Wen Wu in 2018, please let Erlene know as soon as possible, as she is putting together the calendar soon.

Coming up: July 2018-2019 2nd Set Teacher-Training.


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