"Bamboo Grove" Chinese Almanac (in English), by Liu Ming

Current state: Published

image of thick Bamboo ForestLife is simple when we are in Sync with the available resources present in Nature. In his new blog Bamboo Grove, Liu Ming characterizes the large and the small cycles of movement in Nature as they change from day to day. The blog includes Qi-Nodes, Moons, Medicine Recipes, Quotes, and Audio Clips.

Enter a short description of the image hereLiu Ming has been a student of Chinese Tradition in many forms for more than 40 years. He has observed the Jie Qi/almanac since his encounter with Daoist ritual in the 1970s. He has introduced the subject to students of meditation, medicine, and astrology for 20 years and now feels ready to offer it to the general public. His aspiration is that the Bamboo Grove Chinese Almanac will help people enjoy the dance of life, free of blaming and confusion. And he offers his efforts in this regard with in the hope that all sentient beings find cause for liberation.  Click here to view and listen to a sample blog.

NOTE: Currently the blog is only available to annual subscribers. They are working with a programmer to create more accessible (various smaller) rates soon. So be patient, and check the website often. We will let you know when those incremental rates are available.

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