Bending forward with a Flat Back

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Picture of Flat Back

Great photo of a FLAT Back!

Look at this great picture of a FLAT BACK,  We cannot see ourselves while bending over, but here are the steps for achieving a flat back:

  • Stand straight
  • Let the tips of your fingers find the middle of the inguinal fold (the "Gwa," in Chinese). 
  • Push the tips of your fingers firmly, and notice what happens.  Your body tilts forward. 

To bend forward with a flat back (e.g., while doing arm rotations, "chin-to-toe" stretches, or several movements in the 1st Set, like Bend (11), Drag Moon From Water (31), Drink Water (40), Search for Food (59), or Restore Qi and Sleep (60), you need to:

  • Lift the upper body and bend at the Gwa, while extending your chest forward and your "fanny" behind you.  

To get the greatest amount of benefit from the warm-ups, it is important to keep your legs straight with soft knees (not hyper-extended, or "locked"). Engage (or squeeze) your core muscles to support that flat back throughout.

Look at the contrast between a Flat Back and a Rounded Back.

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Doing  Arm and Elbow Rotations and  Chin-to-Toe stretches with a flat back and straight legs increases circulation in the Urinary Bladder Meridian . . . four channels down your back, spliting with two channels down the back of each thigh to the back of the knee, ending with one channel down each calf flowing to the tip of the baby toe, and internally connecting with the beginning of the Kidney Meridian that starts at the Yongquan point (K 1).

C. Eaton