A Context for Daily Practice

picture: Jerri Miner "Grasping Qi" in the redwoodsThroughout the retreat, it seemed like I kept encountering individuals or small groups who, of their own volition, were doing the warm-ups or a qigong set, independent of the workshops. It was nice to see so many dedicated people.  Being there really made qigong seem like a natural daily activity. And there were exciting "light bulb" moments when the teachers would talk about a certain movement in depth that helped with my understanding and practice. I appreciated the beautiful setting among the redwood trees and the opportunities to get to meet other practitioners during meal times and clean-up duties.

picture: David Zurun teaching in the redwoodsOverall, I recommend the retreat, not just for the myriad tips on how to be more conscious of healthy living, but also for the amazing opportunity to meet the Grandmaster and learn more about the classical origins and rich culture of the Dayan Qigong practice.

When I think back to the retreat, I am glad that it helped me create a context and community for thinking about the practice, which further helps me to make qigong part of my daily lifestyle.

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