Greg, a Dayan Qigong Student from Oakland

I discovered qigong as a form of rehabilitation when I was recovering from a terrible auto accident. My doctor suggested that qigong might be able to assist in my recovery. I've been following that suggestion for quite awhile now, and have to agree that qigong has indeed been a tremendous help.

In an auto accident I suffered a spinal injury. After some recovery time, I began qigong classes. Over time, through physical therapy and my weekly qigong classes taught at Kaiser-Oakland, I gained better balance, developed muscle strength and improved endurance. I also learned to relax and meditate by quieting my mind, thus reducing tension and physical anxiety. Qigong even helped me reduce the stress in my life.

Through regular practice, Dayan Qigong eventually enabled me to feel the "qi" (life force or energy) moving within my body, and it helped me to heal. I enjoy the restorative benefits of the movements, the relaxation it provides, and the special time to myself. It has been extremely beneficial in my everyday life and I continue my regular practice as the benefits improve even more with time. I get more and more out of it and feel better as I practice and refine the movements.

I gained the most confidence and really learned to do the movements more automatically when I joined other students practicing in Codornices Park, across from the Berkeley Rose Garden, for two months during the summer. Every Saturday morning in July and August, at 7:00 AM, 30-50 people would gather in Codornices Park for a 1.5 hour qigong practice with Wen Wu School Grandmaster Hui Liu. We did all of the warm-up exercises, standing meditation and qigong together in the fresh open air surrounded by beautiful stately trees.

It was helpful to practice with other students who were more experienced. By watching their graceful movements closely, I was able to improve my own understandings of the movements. I became part of a much larger group and there was an overwhelming sense of peace in being together. In a short time the practice began to flow more automatically for me, and I stopped wondering, "What comes next?" Practicing felt so natural, peaceful, uplifting, and comforting. It felt like the essence of my body was responding to the movements and I felt a healing within. I was discovering an increase in my strength and endurance, and I was feeling better. I was so pleased to notice that this is working for me. I continue to cultivate my practice and I am hoping to learn the 2nd Set soon.

I also have to say that an added benefit of discovering Dayan Qigong has been the wonderful people I met through classes, at practices, and at the delightful weekend retreats that I have attended with Wen Wu School. Dayan Qigong has ultimately changed my life for the better and I have bonded with so many fine qigong friends. I feel blessed.


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