Jerry Pimentel, Embracing Health & Wellness Holistically

I was born 80 years ago into a large family of 17 siblings, on a plantation on the Island of Maui. I am the 16th child, and the 12th son. So I received of a lot of hand-me-downs. Coming from a large Portuguese family is like living within our own private community. Each of us was instilled with important values, an appreciation of education, and a respect for the need to cultivate a spiritual life. Our heritage also taught us that the family is the anchor of our lives.

Over the years I have been very fortunate to travel to many continents and countries, enjoying people of all walks of life and their specialties of food and wine.

In 1994 I had a problem with cancer. I learned about the benefits of Macrobiotic eating and food preparation, and decided to focus on making those fundamental lifestyle and dietary changes to address my health issues, rather than surgery. I became vegan for 4 years, and the doctors were amazed to see that the cancer cells were being exterminated simply by the changes in my eating habits.  I am convinced that macrobiotics saved my life. I recovered from the cancer, and continue to be cancer free to this day.  Along the way, I learned to enjoy cooking, and I found better health and peace of mind.

I have been practicing Dayan Qigong since 2005 and it has improved the quality of my daily life. I've learned how to let go of stress by meditating and doing the Form consistently. I feel calmer about most things these days, and do not seem to be as negative as I once was. I have more patience, and I experience more of an inner peace on a daily basis. I have better concentration, and it feels as if my brain is functioning better.  I find that practicing Wild Goose Qigong three times a week with fellow students helps to keep my practice fresh and spirited.  

I also enjoy swimming at the Hayward Plunge and hiking California trails. In May 2011, I completed a journey through the National Parks of the Western USA, driving and hiking along the way. Staying fit takes strength and energy. 


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