Metaphors for Movement: "Effortless Flos"

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Enter a short description of the image hereAt the close of 2013 the Wen Wu School (WWS) Dayan Qigong community had the rare experience of a workshop with Master Fu-Tung Cheng who developed his practice of "Effortless Flow" to teach taiji students how to eliminate tension in their bodies. Introducing the idea that, “… for movement to flow, one must be fully relaxed,” is not helpful to those who have never experienced a true state of relaxation. At best, most people reach a level of being somewhat, but never fully relaxed.

Master Cheng came up with a set of metaphors and meditations that help taiji students learn how to become fully relaxed and realized that qigong students could benefit from these principles as well.

The central metaphor is that our bodies are mostly comprised of water and if we could train tension to drain from our experience, like water, then our movements could also flow effortlessly, like water down a gentle grade. These meditative exercises, along with a dynamic posture and connection to the earth through the soles of the feet, enliven taiji or qigong practices and by extension, enliven every movement in our daily lives as well.

Enter a short description of the image hereWWS qigong instructor, David Zurun will share his interpretation of Master Fu-Tung Cheng’s Effortless Flow concepts in a short 2-hour workshop called, Enriching Qigong Through Dynamic Posture & Your Connection to the Earth, on Saturday, March 1, 2014, from 2 PM to 4 PM. Call WWS for registration or more details, (510) 524-1057, or email questions to:

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