What do we do during Practice Groups?

Regardless of how long or short the practices are, all practice groups spend some amount of time doing warms ups, and then they do the 1st Set Dayan Qigong Form . . . or as much of the 1st Set as they have learned. Often they practice the 1st Set Form one or two times.

Some groups add standing meditation, and groups with a lot of advanced students who have already taken 2nd Set Dayan Qigong classes might practice the 1st and 2nd Set of Dayan Qigong, ending with the 1st Set again.

During each practice, pick one person to lead the group. It’s always helpful to have a list of warm-ups with you. (Ask your instructor for one, or bring your book.)

Start on time—even if only one or two have arrived. If you find you are the only one that day, do the practice anyway!

Some chatting during warm-ups is fine, as long as it does not distract from the exercises. Standing Mediation and the Form are done in silence.