What is a Typical Class Like?

Classes begin with warm-ups for flexibility and strength. The instructor introduces a few new exercises each week, stretching and activating different muscles and areas of the body, until the entire routine has been covered. The 64-movement Dayan Qigong form is the centerpiece of the teachings, and ample time is allowed for review and practice. The form is broken down into small segments, and movements from the previous week are repeated and checked, either one-on-one, or in small groups, before the introduction of new movements. Meditation techniques and acupressure self-massage are also introduced during the series. In most two-hour classes, you will be served green tea, a refreshing, healthy drink. During the break, students have the opportunity to talk with the instructors and other class members. Each student in the class is considered a member of a flock, which is in turn part of the wider qigong community centered at the Wen Wu School. For your comfort, wear clothing that allows you to bend and stretch, and if possible, eat at least an hour before class.