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Picture of Hegu (LI 4) point
Although the Laogong (PC 8) is used as the main conveyor of qi, the Hegu (LI 4 or "Union Valley") point is used for this purpose as well. It is located on the dorsum of the hand, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones. The "L" that is formed when opening and closing the thumb and index finger is...
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          YI DAO QI DAO.   QI DAO LI DAO.      Where your mind is, the qi will be.    Where the qi is, the power will be. Calligraphy by Zhi Min Wang ("Amy").
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"Breath follows awareness. Qi follows breath. Blood follows qi."                                —     Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming   Submitted by Peggy Dey
Picture showing 2 definitions of how to find the Laogong Point
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) continues to become increasingly accessible to the general public. Translating from Chinese to English, however, can be very challenging. So it might be important to keep in mind that not all text books or translations agree on how to describe point locations...