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One of the joys of teaching qigong is seeing how happy students are to be in class. Not too long ago, a student shared why she loved coming to class. "I love coming to class because everybody has a common purpose. We are all moving to feel better."   Submitted by Jerri Miner
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 "The mind with which you exercise in life is the body of your practice," says my colleague, Robert Meikyo Rosenbaum, author of Walking the Way. The media and science often refer to qigong, yoga, and taiji as Mind-Body practices. It is a useful characterization that sets slow-movement, meditative...
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"Breath follows awareness. Qi follows breath. Blood follows qi."                                —     Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming   Submitted by Peggy Dey
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"Breath follows awareness. Qi follows breath. Blood follows qi."                                —     Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming   Submitted by Peggy Dey
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Listen to what Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe has to say about stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions, and somehow controlling the mind. Meditation is". . . really about stepping back, seeing a thought clearly, witnessing it coming and going.”  Click here to hear Andy Puddicombe speak on...
Picture of book titled, "Buddha's Brain," by Rick Hanson, PhD.
by Rick Hanson, PhD, with Richard Mendius, M.D. Learn about the importance of meditation from a scientific point of view. This wonderfully accessible book enables readers to learn how to light up your neural networks of contentment, kindness, and peace, rather than worry, sorrow, and anger.  ...
Picture showing 2 definitions of how to find the Laogong Point
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) continues to become increasingly accessible to the general public. Translating from Chinese to English, however, can be very challenging. So it might be important to keep in mind that not all text books or translations agree on how to describe point locations...