Alexandra Sheets Saikley

WWS Recertification: 

Picture of Alexandra Sheets Saikley, qigong instructor*1st & 2nd Set Certified, 2002

I began studying Dayan Qigong at Wen Wu School under Master Hui Liu in 1997. At the time, my husband and I wanted to have a child and were told by western doctors that we were both infertile. I will always be grateful for the advice of another student at Wen Wu to try qigong and see if it helped us. My husband and I both were immediately drawn to the practice and Master Hui Liu’s presence. We both felt many benefits to our health in a short time. And within a few months, I was pregnant with our first child. Later we had another child without a problem.
With my qigong practice I have experienced better health and resilience, and more power to manifest fully in my life. In addition to physical health benefits, I have found that qigong strengthens my focus and clarity, and improves my ability to interact in the world as I wish to be. Qigong helps me to be present in the moment as I practice, and later I find that at moments I am better able to bring that into my daily life.
Since 1990 I have also studied and taught Breema Bodywork at the The Breema Center in Oakland. Breema is a simple form of touch and body movement that supports mind-body connection and being present in the moment. I have found that the two practices have each strengthened what the other brings to my life.
By trade, I am an architect. I run a busy architecture firm in Oakland.
I am certified to teach the 1st and 2nd sets of Dayan Qigong. I love teaching, and I am honored to be teaching the Sunday morning 8:00 AM—10:00 AM classes at Wen Wu School. In the past I have taught Dayqn Qigong classes in Alameda and assisted other teachers from Wen Wu School. I wish to bring my understanding of qigong from my own practice to my classes for the benefit of my students.
Master Hui Liu reminds us, “Don’t wait.—Just do it now.” I am grateful that I have found this practice that can always support me. Dayan Qigong continues to grow in me as I practice and to bring insight into my life.