Robert Peltier

WWS Recertification: 

* 1st Set Certified, 1999Robert Peltier

I retired in 1995, and at the suggestion of two doctors moved to the SF Bay Area for cleaner air and treatment for fibrosis of the lungs due to 35 years of chlorine exposure and other work-related injuries. After various medical examinations by MDs, it was determined that I needed five surgeries to repair multiple stress injuries affecting both shoulders, both wrists, and right radial tunnel syndrome. I decided to pursue alternative medicine to address my health issues instead.

I started receiving acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments when I came to the SF Bay Area. I also called Shiatsu Master, Ping Lee, whom I had previous met while taking a Chair Shiatsu course. When I asked if he could refer me to a good taiji class, he recommended classes at the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts, in El  Cerrito.

At Wen Wu School  (WWS) I met Master Hui Liu in 1996, who was teaching Dayan Qigong. I told her about my injuries and that I was being treated by accupuncture and herbs. She suggested that I take Dayan Qigong (DYQG) as well. Within the first year of attending qigong classes with Master Liu, the symptoms of my injuries slowly disolved and began disappearing. I gradually was able to sleep on my side without my arms going to sleep. I could lift things again without pain, and I had greater flexibility. My energy level increased, and my health continued to improve. After 3 years of practice and with renewed health, I decided to become a WWS certified qigong instructor. I graduated from WWS's DYQG Teaching Certificaiton Program in 1999. After teaching for 2 years at WWS, I moved to Mexico, where I continue to teach and now reside.

I enjoy assisting people to improve their health and live a more balanced life. Seeing the benefits of the DYQG reflected in my students continues to inspire me to teach.


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