Dove Govrin

WWS Recertification: 

Dove Govrin* 1st & 2nd Set Certified, 2002

I am a movement therapist and have been practicing and teaching qigong for over 25 years. 15 years ago I met Master Hui Liu and members of the Wen Wu School at a qigong conference in San Francisco. I immediately fell in love with Dayan Qigong, with the beauty and flow of the movements, warming, stretching, self healing acupressure points, meditation  and energizing the whole body. This complete system of healing resonated with my own philosophy of healing Body, Mind and Spirit.

I immediately dived into this practice learning both first and second sets, then trained in teaching both sets. Dayan Qigong is a beautiful healing practice. I love the group energy when we practice together. I love teaching and practicing what I truly believe.

Qigong has become my life practice and I teach daily. I have studied and trained in several qigong styles, but Wild Goose Qigong is the most beautiful healing energetic practice of them all. In the summer we practice at the Marin Civic Center Duck Pond in San Rafael, and yes we fly alongside the geese, so uplifting! I invite you to come fly with us.


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