Francesca Borgatta

WWS Recertification: 

Francesca Borgatta* 1st Set Certified, 2002

Qi gong has gradually become the core of my physical and spiritual discipline. After sixteen years of study at the Wen Wu School, I can trust myself as a reliable teacher of the form. Because I have been an art instructor for many years, I know how to engage young people, especially teenagers at risk. I believe that Qi gong offers an emotional stability and a grounding experience that is important for young people. The practice provides a means to understand and respect their own bodies. I work with students in practice sessions at MLK Youth Services Center (Grove Street Park) and I am  trying to establish an official class for teenagers.  

      Because I like to practice outside, I offer two weekly practice sessions in public parks. We have a core of regular Wen Wu students and teachers, but the sessions are free and open to anyone. I believe it is important to introduce qi gong into the workplace and community centers. I hold practice sessions at the Sports Basement for staff and visitors.

      I want to teach seniors because they can find release from pain and increase their mobility with qi gong. I was lucky to assist Cynthia Eaton in her gentle qi gong classes at Kaiser Permanente. Soon, I started my own class at the South Berkeley Senior Center. Directors of senior care facilities can often recognize how qi gong can help their residents, and they are welcoming to classes in qi gong.

      This spring I am teaching a qi gong class as a pilot program for the Bay Area Rescue Mission. In communities at risk, merely assuming the basic position is helpful for centering. Qi gong practice can do much to establish a positive direction, and build a sense of balance and control for these students.

     I believe Qi gong can benefit anyone who tries it. I am committed to reaching out to the community to teach both art and qi gong.