Gail Whang

WWS Recertification: 

Gail Whang*1st Set certified, 2015

Qigong has truly changed my life. Qigong was the first commitment I made upon retiring in 2007 from the Oakland Unified School District after working 30 years as an educator.  Little did I know how this commitment would impact me.  Before retirement I was an intense super-planner, demanding colleague and 24/7 multi-tasker workaholic.  Qigong helped me slow down and gracefully ease into retirement. When I first started taking classes with Kirstin Lindquist, in spite of her encouragement, I struggled to practice at home. It wasnt until after 7 months of classes that I took up Kirstins 100 day challengepractice every day for 100 days in a row in order for qigong to become a habit. This worked. Qigong is now my daily practice. I co-lead a daily practice group in Oakland.   

Physically, I feel healthy and strong. I am more flexible than any time in my life. Qigong has also given me the confidence to self-heal my various aches and pains without relying on drugs and doctors. Several years ago, I experienced sharp pains in both knees, which through this gentle practice have healed. I am learning balance in my life and in my everyday activities. Learning to be more mindful and present is still an ongoing challenge for me, but through qigong, I now have tools

Perhaps the most telling aspect about the affects of qigong on me is the observation from my son. When he sees me, he claims to know whether or not I've done my qigong practice. "Mom, you didn't do qigong today, did you?  he says when he feels Im not present or listening attentively. He's most often correct. According to him, I am a better listener, more present and relaxed. He tells me that I am much more enjoyable to be with. 

I am becoming more accepting toward things that used to bother me and cause me grief. I have learned about the power of energy. I find myself focusing on positive energy and consequently generating positive energy. Qigong is teaching me about patience, especially toward learning. After the rigorous teacher training program, I am learning to be patient with myself as I work through and refine the movements. I am finally starting to internalize the notion that learning qigong is a lifelong process and not a quick fix. I love teaching and this opportunity brings together teaching, aging gracefully and sharing the mind, body and spirit wisdom of qigong with others.