Isabelita Papa

WWS Recertification: 

Picture of Isabelita Papa* 1st Set Certified

I began my spiritual journey about three decades ago, when I was ordained as a Buddhist nun by Dr. Rina Sircar. From then on, I have been a member of the Syda Yoga Ashram community in Oakland and practice Advaita contemplation.

For four decades, I have also been a hands-on healer, cosmetologist, massage therapist, artist and sculptor. I use my hands and arms for many hours a day and was a workaholic driven by my creative madness. This resulted in carpal tunnel syndrome, and I could barely work. In the quest for healing I discovered Dayan Qigong, which helped me avoid surgery, as I found balance and changed my lifestyle. 

 I was fortunate to be individually trained in First Set and Second Set Dayan Qigong, and certified to teach the First Set by Master Hui Liu and Dr. Erlene Chiang. Although the training brought me to the edge of my physical and mental stamina, my energy level kept increasing. Afterwards, my body was never the same – it has been positively transformed and my life has changed forever.

The flowers of the teacher’s training bore fruit in so many ways, and I bring those gifts to my students through teaching Qigong and walking the walk with balance and grace.

I have classes in Emeryville, the San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, Mexico and Hawaii, and teach and facilitate workshops and retreats in Qigong and Pilates. I also teach at assisted living facilities, and senior centers, and help those with cancer and physical challenges. I am a Certified Restorative Yoga "Relax and Renew" Pilates Teacher, and credentialed by the Board of Adult Education in Physical Fitness, Art Therapy and Nutrition. 

 In addition, I lead a Wellness and Cleanse class at Harbin Hot Springs. I am a Healthcare Provider in Nutritional Cleansing under the guidance of Dr. James Jameson with Health Force Nutrition, and am certified in Quantum Reflex Analysis Muscle Testing, Nutrition and Minerals by Dr. Marshall ofage yearly Pilgrimage to Mt Shasta,

I have been teaching at Spirirt rock for the last 4 years co leading with the Aloka Vihara Buddhist Nuns all day retreat and for the last two years Spirit Rock gave a daylong on QIgong self care on my own.

Recently 2018, I was certified by Master Wing CHeung on Tai-chi QIgong 18 flowing movememnts

I have been in private practice for the last 40 years in San Francisco and Emeryville.