Maureen Berndt

WWS Recertification: 

* 1st Set Certified, 2002Picture of INPUT-NAME-HERE

Since my first class in 1998, I've been inspired and supported by the many gifts of Wild Goose qigong, and by my teacher, Master Hui Liu. I credit the practice for sustaining me through change and challenge, and am appreciative of an ever-increasing sense of wellbeing.

I've studied, practiced and taught the Asian healing arts for more than 20 years, and value the wisdom of these ancient traditions, and the power of the teachings. Qigong is the foundation of my self-care practice. It guides me into the day feeling balanced and centered, and calms me at night.

As I move through the graceful, dance-like movements of the form, I imagine that like the wild goose I too can fly, and am at home in all the elements—land, water and air. One of my passions is to share the gift of qigong, and witness its transformational power.

Since I became a certified teacher in 2002, I've taught classes at Kaiser Permanente, Alta Bates/Summit Medical Center, The McKinnon Massage School and Novonordisk Corporation. I have ongoing classes in Oakland, and am honored to assist on Sundays at Wen Wu School.

While it is important to learn the correct sequence of the 64-movement form, I also emphasize the cultivation of mindfulness, good body mechanics, posture, and alignment, to ensure fluid, safe and comfortable movement.

I also consult with organizations and individuals to develop and implement wellness and stress management programs. I have a private Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure practice, where clients come to experience healing, relaxation, stress reduction, well being and a deeper connection to all aspects of the self. Please go to Consulting/Private Sessions on this website for more information.