Peggy Dey

WWS Recertification: 

Picture of Peggy Dey* 1st Set (1999) & 2nd Set (2009) Certified

I have practiced Wild Goose Qigong (Dayan Qigong) since 1996 with Master Hui Liu of the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts. I was in the first certified qigong instructor’s class in 1999 and recently completed the instructor course for teaching the second set of Dayan Qigong.

I teach at various settings, notably, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland; Wen Wu School, El Cerrito; Richmond Senior Center; and West Contra Costa Adult Education School.

Teaching qigong as a self care movement practice helps me deepen my own understanding and interest in eastern and western healing modalities. This form of qigong is a practical tool for maintaining and nourishing one's life force energy. I enjoy watching students increase their stamina, vitality, and sense of calm as they study and commit to this ancient practice.

My interest in Qigong has developed from a lifelong involvement with movement expression. I was enrolled in ballroom dance classes from the age of 6 and was an avid dancer through high school and college. I feel I learned the skills of body listening and being in the flow (the Tao) while joyfully jitterbugging. After college I was briefly in the publishing field, but then I left to join the Peace Corps. I was stationed in Nepal and taught in a high school for girls. Living in Asia, my love for South Indian classical dance developed. When I returned to the States I pursued graduate studies in the performing arts of both India and Java. I had the opportunity to live and study with dance masters for over a year in both countries. These were rich cross-cultural experiences.

Returning to California, my attention and interest in the healing arts grew. I graduated from The McKinnon Institute in Oakland 30 years ago and taught there for 13 years as a Shiatsu and Reflexology instructor. I helped develop the Asian Systems Program while at the Institute and it was then that my interest in qigong evolved. Qigong became the focus of the movement component of that program.

I have maintained a private practice in bodywork for the past 30 years. This includes several healing modalities in which I have been trained: Eutony, focusing on alignment and body mechanics; Osteopathic techniques of Cranial Sacral Therapy and Mechanical Link; Jin Shin Jyutsu; Breema Bodywork and, of course, Qigong. Over the last two decades I have taught several of these systems and have focused my teaching on Qigong in the last decade.