Qigong, Level 2: Moves 32-64 at Kaiser San Leandro & Fremont start in Oct and Nov

8-week Level 2 Qigong classes that build on learnings from the previous Level 1 series, but now covers movements 32 to 64, will be starting soon.

  •  Kaiser San Leandro, Thursdays, 6 PM–8 PM, starts Oct 17, 2017

Oakhurst Qigong Group Honors Elder Goose

Members of the Oakhurst Wild Goose Qigong Practice Group were delighted to celebrate John Masterson's 86th birthday with cards and balloons at their

2nd Set Classes start in September at Wen Wu School


FIRST Set Dayan Qigong classes offered year-round. Call Wen Wu School to inquire (510) 524-1057, or register online at:

Teachers Day at Wen Wu School—Sat, Sept 23, 2017, 8:30 AM & Fountain Project Silent Auction, 10:30 AM

Please join WWS's Grandmaster Hui Liu as she shares Chinese Teachers Day rituals and traditions on Saturday, September 23. Bring ONE long-stemmed flower to contribute to a community bouquet.

PBS American Masters Documentary: The Life and Work of Tyrus Wong

Tyrus Wong was a Chi

"Chinese Medicine & Cancer:" Podcast of Dr. Erlene Chiang's (7/6/17) Lecture Now Available
If you missed the Thursday, July 6 conversation with Michael Lerner, Master Hui Liu, and Dr. Erlene Chiang, LAc, DOM, at Wen Wu School, on the topic of Cancer and TCM, the professionally produced podcast of the event is now available on The New School at Commonweal website.


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1-hr Tuesday class in Oakland at Redwood Heights Recreation Center

Join Cynthia Eaton's 1-hour Dayan Qigong class on Tuesday afternoons at the Redwood Heights Recreation Center, in Oakland.

October at Energy Matters: New Weekend Intensive (Oakland)


New Tuesday Teacher-led practice in San Leandro, 3:30 pm–4:30 pm

TCM's 5th season: Late Summer Dampness Transforms Earth

According to Chinese 5-Element Theory, the fifth season, Late Summer, or what we refer to as Indian Summer, focuses on the Earth element, good nutrition, healthy digestion, and contemplation or meditation. The purple box below offers practical tips from the latest Wen Wu School newsletter. If you are not already on their mailing list, be sure to sign-up online at

Fall Equinox Practice (9/22) + Full Moon Practice (10/6), 6:15 PM at Energy Matters, Oakland

Whispers...from Dr. Alex Feng at Zhi Dao Guan, in the Laurel District of Oakland