PBS American Masters Documentary: The Life and Work of Tyrus Wong

Tyrus Wong was a Chinese-born American artist who excelled in fine arts as a painter, muralist, lithographer, designer, commercial artist, and kite maker. During much of his career, Tyrus worked for Disney and Warner Brothers Studios.

Farmer's Market update: Have you explored the PCFMA Blog?

Stay healthy with fresh produce from your local Farmer's Market. Click below if you want to find shopping tips, recipes or learn more about fruits and vegetables currently being featuared by local farmers now, at the PCFMA (Pacific Coast Farmer's Market Association) website.

Autumn: Season of Grief & Letting Go, by Kirstin Lindquist, L.Ac.

WWS News... Winter-break & New Classes

Wen Wu School will be closed from 12/22/17 through 01/01/18.

"Slow Qigong" Workshop culminates with important tips and insights from WWS Grandmaster Hui Liu

On 11/11/17, Grandmaster Liu held the final “Slow Qigong” class in a series of four. She shared her thoughts on many topics, including the importance of the eyes. As the “Spirit Window”, every meridian and organ supports the eyes.

Classes at Kaiser Permanente San Leandro and Fremont Medical Centers

Come learn the practice of qigong! Kaiser San Leandro and Fremont qigong classes offer the opportunity to learn warm-up exercises, acupressure self-massage, stretching, meditation, and the series of movements that are key to qigong practice. You’ll also get to enjoy Chinese green tea!

Healthy Eating: Good Books to Try

This is the time of year when poor food choices abound and good eating habits often fly out the window. If you want to bolster your resolved try reading any of the great books below. And please let us know if you find other great books that are especially helpful.

Terrific Chinese Art Exhibit at UC Berkeley Art Museum


OAKLAND City STRIKE on Tues, Dec 5—No class this week

The qigong class on Tuesday, Dec 5 at the Redwood Heights Recreation Center, in Oakland is cancelled because of the citywide strike.  

Classes will resume NEXT week, on Tuesday, Dec 12.

Dayan Qigong: A Moving Meditation, by Linda Yach

After being laid off a number of years ago, I knew I wanted to find a way to ground myself so that I could come from a place of calm when formulating my next moves.

"Chinese Medicine & Cancer:" Podcast of Dr. Erlene Chiang's (7/6/17) Lecture Now Available
If you missed the Thursday, July 6 conversation with Michael Lerner, Master Hui Liu, and Dr. Erlene Chiang, LAc, DOM, at Wen Wu School, on the topic of Cancer and TCM, the professionally produced podcast of the event is now available on The New School at Commonweal website.


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Energy Matters: 2018 Class Schedule


Yea-round Teacher-led practice in San Leandro, 3:30 pm–4:30 pm

2 Full Moon Practices: Oakland (Friday, Dec 1) & El Cerrito (Sun, Dec 3)

Come celebrate the full moon this Friday, on Dec 1, at 6:15 PM, at Energy Matters Acupuncture & Qigong, located at 4341 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611. This free practice, hosted by Liz and Janet, includes warm-ups, meditation, and the form.

Last minute schedule change: Holiday Concert cancelled

Did you know that Peggy Dey, 2nd Set Instructor at Wen Wu School and Energy Matters, who also teaches 1st Set Qigong classes at Eskaton Hazel Shirley Manor, in El Cerrito, and Alvarado School, in Richmond, sings with the Linwood Project Women's Community Chorus?

Dove Govrin included in unique Collaborative Interfaith Art Exhibit—Show opens Dec 3

WWS-certified qigong Instructor, Dove Govrin, who is also a Movement Therapist and Ceramic Artist, continues to integrate her interests fluidly. What she practices in movement, she creates in art.

"Gratitude. What is your practice?" Explore the Dao with Alex Feng, at Zhi Dao Guan (7:00 PM)