3 Stone Hearth: Great Resource from Kirstin Lindquist, LAc, at Energy Matters


Health Tips: Eyes as Spirit Windows

On 11/11/17, Grandmaster Liu held the final “Slow Qigong” class in a series of four. She shared her thoughts on many topics, including the importance of the eyes. As the “Spirit Window”, every meridian and organ supports the eyes.

"The Mind-Gut Connection," 2 Book Reviews

Many thanks to nutrition & herbal therapist, Susan Blanc, from Kitchen Table Remedies and local qigong practitioner, Lulu Featherlight for submitting reviews of this interesting, paradigm-shifting book, published in 2016.

3 new qigiong classes at WWS Portland

Wen Wu School, Portland, Oregon has 5 certified Dayqn Qigong Instructors and 3 assistant Teachers. Meet the instructors here. See class details below, or click here to register for classes in Portland.

NYT, Sunday op-ed: "After Surgery in Germany I wanted Vicodin, Not Herbal Tea"