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What drew you to the doorstep of Dayan Qigong? How does the practice of Wild Goose Qigong affect you? How long have you been practicing? How do you fit qigong into your everyday life? Email your story to:

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2013 WWS Summer Retreat
Picture of Lodge at The Quaker Center, Ben Lomond, CAWen Wu School (WWS) offers a weekend summer retreat on an every other year basis. This year's Thursday to Sunday retreat was held on September 5 to 8 at The Quaker Center, in Ben Lomond, California.

The WWS summer retreats provide an opportunity to spend time with Master Hui Liu and Shfu Chiang, to eat wonderfully wholesome, freshly prepared meals, to deepen and intensify personal practice, enjoy nature, and to meditate. A wide range of classes and break-out sessions also offer participants an opportunity to try something new, like taiji, shaolin, ba duan jin, core strengthening, meditation, Chinese painting, and Chinese calligraphy, etc.

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Picture of Shen-Chin learning tai chiShen-Chin

Shen-Chin Lin lost her vison at age 29. She came here from Taiwan to the United States hoping to restore her vision. That dream did not come true, but she was able to restore her confidence with the training at the Orientation Center for the Blind (OCB), in Albany. She went back to school and now helps others as a certified rehabilitation teacher for the blind, teaching at OCB.


Picture of redwood circle practice spaceQigong was recommended for Mary, who didn't think she could fit it into her busy professional life. Mary makes time to practice qigong in the evening to help her sleep restfully and to deal with stressful situations. Click for Story


Picture of Geoff WhiteGeoff White is a new student who started Dayan Qigong at Wen Wu School in April of 2013. Click for Story
Cee Cee Shinn

Photo of Cee Cee ShinnCee Cee keeps busy working fulltime at the University of Califonria, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center as an event planner and conference manager. She also works part-time as a tour guide leading 4th graders to the Gold Country to pan for gold, and leads tours for international UCSF staff and students.

Cee Cee loves to hike, swim, and laugh. She feels young and flexible at age 60, and was pleased to be able to celebrate that birthday in 2013 by achieving her goal of practicing 1,000 days of Dayan Qigong. Find out how Cee Cee fits qigong into her busy lifestyle and the benefits she's noticed since doing so.

Ernie & Peggy Walters

Picture of Ernie & Peggy WaltersErnie Walters enjoys spending more time with his grandchildren and practicing qigong since he retired in April 2012. His wife Peggy is looking forward to retiring sometime in the near future too, so she can spend more time being grandma, gardening, and immersing herself with interior decorating. See how qigong has become a part of their everyday lives.

Gail Whang

Picture of Gail WhangAs a teacher and administrator for 30 years, Gail Whang worked tirelessly to create safe and supportive learning environments. She pioneered a district-wide conflict resolution program within the Oakland Unified School District Program, co-authored two books about cross-age tutoring and literature study circles in a multicultural classroom, and several publications that explored issues of diversity within the schools.

Gail lives in Oakland with her husband, a retired math teacher. She is the mother of 3 sons and has 2 grandchildren. When she is not gallivanting around the world with her husband, you might find Gail hiking in the Oakland hills, milking goats at an urban Oakland farm, or doing her daily qigong practice at her local park. She is committed to growing vegetables, cooking organic meals, and promoting lifelong wellness.

Read about her 1,000 days of qigong practice by clicking the word Essay below. Then click on the word video to see photos of her practicing qigong around the world!

Greg, a Dayan Qigong Student from Oakland

Picture of GregRead about Greg's experiences and how Dayan Qigong became an important part of his life and healing processes while recovering from a terrible car accident.

Jan Targhetta

Picture of Jan TarghettaJan Targhetta started practicing Wild Goose Qigong in 2007. Read about how her Dayan Qigong practice makes it easier for her to manage the combined effects of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and asthma.

Jerry Pimental

Picture of Jerry PimentalSpirited Elders: Jerry Pimental has been practicing Dayan Qigong since 2005 in the Castro Valley and Hayward area. Click on the  word Essay below to learn about his zest for living and what he's learned along the way.

Linda Yach

Linda Yach is a Transitional Neuroscience-influenced Life Coach, Movement Enthusiast, and Inspirationalist. She works with people in the areas of career transition, personal fulfillment, and health enrichment. She believes that everyone deserves to be living their best life, and loves to work with clients to set, and reach, meaningful and powerful personal goals, so that their dreams become a reality. Find out how her practice of Dayan Qigong helps both Linda and her clients.

Malca Chall

Spirited Edlers: Distinguished oral history documentarian and long-time community activist, Malca Chall, 92, leads a full life with many interesting activities, including Dayan Qigong, which she has been practicing since April 2010. Her vigor, enthusiasm, and dedication are unmistakable hallmarks of everything that she does. Click the word essay below to learn more about her life and qigong experiences.

Meghan Collins

Picture of Meghan CollinsSpirited Elders:  Meghan Collins regards her Dayan Qigong practice as a key element for health and well-being in aging. She has been a student at the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts since 2009.  Read more by clicking the word Essay below.