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What drew you to the doorstep of Dayan Qigong? How does the practice of Wild Goose Qigong affect you? How long have you been practicing? How do you fit qigong into your everyday life? Email your story to:

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Meltem Narter

Picture of Meltem Narter I was born in Boston and raised in Turkey. I always found comfort in trying to understand the world from a math and physics perspective, reducing everything into numbers and energy, with a little creativity thrown in. I obtained a B.S. and M.S. in Izmir, Turkey, and moved back to the U. S. in 1985 to work on a doctorate. In 1990, while close to finishing, I landed a corporate job in the field of software engineering. I enjoyed working in Research and Development, collaborating with so many creative minds developing statistical data analysis software products. I completed my PhD in 1996 and felt that I needed a change. So I moved to CA and took a management position that quickly usurped my personal values and transforming me into a workaholic. It was then that the universe sent me a clear message through the means of a terrible car accident that abruptly knocked me off of my perch . . . eventually bringing me to the doorstep of Dayan Qigong.

Meltem Narter: Standing Meditation Experience

Occasionally I practice a little standing mediation sometime during my daily walk on the beach. One time I observed a seagull standing still for a long time, on a two-­level rock. I was behind him on the lower level of the rock. It was a very inspirational moment.

After another walk, when I had been feeling very sad, I found myself asking the Universe for help. When I returned home I felt an urge to write about the experience. My fingers would not stop typing until I felt I said what needed to be said.

Sid Sattler

Picture of Sid SattlerSid Sattler has been practicing qigong since April 2007.  Three guiding principles that are important to him are: Fairness, Honesty and a Spirit of Friendship supported by Good Food, Clean Air and Clear Vision. In solidarity with a current theme that mirrors a tenet of QiGong, Sid says: Occupy Ourselves/Occupy Our World and agrees with Master Hui Liu "more practice".  

Sid describes himself as a son, husband, father, student, teacher, artist, electrician and friend.  Read about his 1,000 days of qigong practice by clicking on the word Essay below.

Spring 2012: Three students complete the "100-day Challenge"

Two students from the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts, and one from the Castro Valley Adult & Career Education Center completed the 100-day Challenge this spring. Click here to learn more about their experiences.

Trevina Tang

Photo of Trevina TangTrevina was born in China and raised in Hong Kong from the time she was five, when her family moved there.  She graduated from Gramham College of Education and was a math teacher for ten years. She later migranted to California in 1985, and took classes at San Francisco State University to obtain a degree in accounting. She currently works as an accountant for Bay Area Legal Aid.